Benefits of Tumble Blending

  1. HIGH EFFICIENCY – Due to the relatively slow rotational speed but large mass of media, more of the energy goes into milling and less wasted as heat.
  2. NARROW PARTICLE DISTRIBUTION – Solids milled in tumble mills are normally so fine and consistent in size that it’s rare to require classification.
  3. REPEATABLE RESULTS – Mill operating parameters including rotational speed, media size and milling duration can be independently controlled with known effect on the final results.
  4. LOW TEMPERATURE – Because of the high efficiency of milling and low heat generation, the solids will not be exposed to high temperatures. For extremely heat sensitive products, cooling jackets can be provided on the mill cylinder.
  5. CHEMICAL CONTAINMENT – Solids are sealed and contained inside the mill, protecting the environment and operators.
  6. PREDICTABLE SCALE UP – Scale up from small to large mills is very predictable. Ball milling is one of the few unit operations that actual improve in performance and efficiency with increasing size. To provide the best result, don’t scale up at all. The ABBE Slice Mill is the same as the product mill and can replicate all mill operating parameters, but with very little product.

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