Association Memberships

Paul O. Abbe® is a proud member of the following associations:

International Fine Particle Research Institute

The International Fine Particle Research Institute, IFPRI, established in 1979, is a global network of companies and academics with active research programs in particle science and technology. It is a non-profit organization. IFPRI membership represents some of the world’s largest manufacturing industries: bulk and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, minerals, construction, coatings, detergents and foods. The industry members work alongside some of the finest academic researchers in the world in particle science and technology, and other allied areas.

The American Ceramic Society

The American Ceramic Society, ACerS, established in 1898, focuses on the understanding, advancement and use of ceramics and related materials, for the benefit of its members and society. More than 10,000 scientists, engineers, researchers, manufacturers, plant personnel, educators, students, marketing and society.

The Porcelain Enamel Institute

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, PEI, established in 1930, is dedicated to advancing the common interests of porcelain enamel manufacturers and suppliers of porcelain enameling materials, supplies, equipment and technology. The PEI also serves as a clearinghouse of technical information on porcelain enamel processing, application and research for the entire industry.

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates®

The Society of Chemical Manufacturers & Affiliates®, SOCMA, established in 1921, supports and fosters the growth of the specialty chemical industry by delivering legislative and regulatory advocacy, promoting the highest levels of safety, and strengthening business intelligence and manufacturing

The Process Equipment Manufacturers’ Association

The Process Equipment Manufacturers’ Association, PEMA, established 1960, brings together companies that supply equipment and systems that are used by process industries including food, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining and minerals, metals, wastewater treatment, paint and coatings, agribusiness, ceramics, plastics, wood, pulp and paper, environment and building materials.