Slice Mill™

Slice Mills™ are identical to the Ball Mills and Ceramic Lined Mills in diameter and design The only difference is that they are as little as 12” in length. Since mill diameter dictates performance and mill length only affects capacity, Slice Mills™ are used to develop or test formulations with little concern for scale-up factors. Slice Mills™ are available to replicate any size ball or ceramic lined mill.

All Slice Mills™ are custom designed around your old or new mill in order to replicate the diameter, speed, cooling and wet or dry discharge. Slice Mills™ can be designed for wet or dry milling including discharge housing.


Materials: Abrasion Resistant Steel, Stainless Steel, Ceramic Line, Polyurethane or Rubber Lined.

Sizes: By Application

Design Options:

  • Dry Discharge Housings
  • Cooling Jackets
  • ASME Code Stamp
  • Lifters (alternating rows of taller bricks) provide the same anti-slip benefits of lifter bars in the ball mill.

*Slice Mill™ and SliceMill™ are trademarks of Paul O. Abbe