Rota-Cone Blenders

Tumble Blenders include the original ABBE Rota-Cone® Double Cone Blender and the Rota-V Blenders. Tumble blending offers the lowest shear method of mixing friable or delicate solids. The simple double-cone or V-designs provide complete discharge. Because there is no agitator there are no seals and they are easily inspected and cleaned. For these reasons, Tumble Blenders are often employed by the food and pharmaceuticals industries. But because they do not have an agitator they can be used to blend dense materials including ceramics and powdered metals as heavy as tungsten carbide.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel.

Sizes: 0.2 to 500 cubic feet

Design Options:
• Lump Breaking Agitator
• Split-body - Removable Cone
• Liquid Addition
• Solids Sampler
• Polished Contact Surface
• CIP - Clean-In-Place Spray Nozzles
• ASME Code Stamp
• XP Electrics
• Automated Drum Loading and Unloading System