Polyurethane Lined Mill


Our polyurethane mills utilize a proprietary casting method using a fabricated steel mold placed in the mill cylinder creating a 1” void on all sides. Deaerated polyurethane is poured in the space between the mold and cylinder. The polyurethane has no pigmentation and is perfectly clear and bubble free. If bubbles were present, they would be easily seen. Bubbles, haze or cloudiness (i.e., very fine bubbles) would weaken the polyurethane structure and shorten its life. The end of the mill is flat and similarly cast with polyurethane and bolted in place. The parts and then put in an oven and slower cured at controlled temperature for several hours.

GRINDING MEDIA - Polyurethane lined mills are suitable for use with any type of grinding media: mild steel, stainless steel, alumina, Zirconia, etc.

WEAR - Polyurethane has about the same abrasion resistance as AR400 and can last for 10 to 20 years in normal operation.

WET & DRY MILLING - Polyurethane is ideal for dry or wet milling, but wet milling only with water. No alcohols or solvents of any kind. Alcohol and some solvents can be used with our Buna-N Rubber Lined Mills depending on concentration of solvent and temperature. For wet milling where slippage of the media may take place, we can cast in LIFTER BARS by modifying the initial mold. Of course, for dry milling, a dry discharge housing can be fabricated in carbon steel or stainless steel.

SOUND – Polyurethane mills are relatively quiet, especially when compared to steel ball mills.