Size Reduction Mills

Paul O. Abbe® has been designing and manufacturing Size Reduction Mills since 1911.

Size Reduction Mills are used for size reduction of all solids in dry or wet state down to 1 micron.

Size Reduction Mills are commonly used for fine size reduction of advanced ceramics, glass frit, carbon black solar cell silicon materials, rare earth minerals, battery materials and recycling of batteries and circuit boards.

Size Reduction Mills are contained so hazardous and toxic material can be size reduced without exposing operators to the materials during the milling operation.

Size Reduction Mills are manufactured from carbon steel, AR400 abrasion resistant steel, stainless steel, Alumina ceramic lined, polyurethane lined, and rubber lined depending on material compatibility and solids characteristics.

Size Reduction Mills have working capacities from 0.1 gallons to 1,500 gallons (0.013 to 200 cubic feet).

Size Reduction Mills can be designed with heating or cooling jackets, dry discharge housing, pneumatic loading or unloading system and complete controls.

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