Rota-Cone® Dryers

Paul O. Abbe® has been designing and manufacturing Rota-Cone® Dryers since 1911.

Rota-Cone® Dryers are used for drying solids to low level of moisture under vacuum. The heated vessel slowing tumbles the solids providing heat transfer for evaporation of liquids. The vacuum reducer the partial pressure and lowers evaporative temperature of the water of solvents.

Rota-Cone® Dryers are manufactured with product contact surfaces of 304, 316, Hastelloy C-22, C-276, Inconel and virtually any formable steel. Surfaces are polished to 180 grit or higher and can also be electropolished.

Rota-Cone® Dryers can be provided with optional liquid addition, inert gas purge, high speed choppers, drum loading and unloading mechanism, heating, vacuum and solvent recovery.

Rota-Cone® Dryers have working capacities from 0.13 to 500 cubic feet.

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