Roll Mills

Paul O. Abbe® has been designing and manufacturing Roll Mills since 1911.

Roll Mills are simply smaller version of ball mills and are used for size reduction from lab scale R&D to production of critical materials.

Roll Mills utilize a pair or pairs of steel roller with a thick machined polyurethan coating for smooth operation. Jar or contains are rotated at controlled speed for size reduction, mixing or maintaining suspensions.

Roll Mills are commonly used for fine size reduction of advanced ceramics, glass frit, carbon black solar cell silicon materials, rare earth minerals, battery materials and recycling of batteries and circuit boards.

Roll Mills are also used for maintaining suspensions in a simple portable air-tight containers while avoiding agitators, seals and drain valves.

Roll Mills are used for size reduction of all solids in dry or wet state down to 1 micron.

Roll Mills are contained so hazardous and toxic material can be size reduced without exposing operators to the materials during the milling operation.

Roll Mills can be used with milling jar or containers from 0.1 gallon to 3 gallons.

Roll Mills can be designed with variable speed controls, rpm indicators, run timers, vapor hood and internal heating or cooling.

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