Rota-Cone Vacuum Dryer

Vacuum dryers offer many benefits including:

  1. Predictable and Repeatable Results.
  2. Dry Temperature Sensitive Products - Because all liquids vaporize at lower temperature at reduced pressures, it is possible to vaporize the liquids at very low temperatures.
  3. Reduced Energy – Since the evaporation of the liquid under vacuum occurs at a much reduce temperature, the temperature differential is increased without raising the temperature.
  4. Safe for Friable Products - The low speed at which tumble dryer operate, just a few revolutions per minute, makes Rota-Cone Dryers ideal for delicate and friable solids such as crystals, macromolecules or agglomerated solids.
  5. More Complete Discharge – Unlike agitated dryers, Rota-Cone Dryers have very little surface area and no agitator to trap product. The simple unobstructed 45 degree cone allows all products to freely discharge.
  6. Low Cross Contamination – Because there is only one moving part, the tumble dryer is an inherently simple and clean design, which improves yield and reduced cross contamination.
  7. Easily Cleaned – The simple internal design is ideal for cleaning with a single spray bar. In many cases, the standard spray nozzle can be used for washing the internals.
  8. Easily Inspected Interior - All surfaces of the Rota-Cone® Vacuum Dryer can be inspected from one vantage point – the loading hatch.
  9. Single Enclosed Environment – Active pharmaceutical ingredients, drugs and toxic chemicals are easily isolated in a vacuum dryer. Loading and discharging connections can be automated, sealed and purged for worker protection. The closed system also assures the maximum collection of solvents is achieved, protecting operators and the environment.
  10. Avoid Oxidation – The Rota-Cone® Vacuum Dryer is ideal for avoiding oxidation of chemical and with the addition of an inert gas purge, an oxygen free environment can be maintained.

Materials: stainless steel, carbon steel.

Sizes: 0.2 to 500 cubic feet

Design Options:
• Lump Breaking Agitator
• Liquid Addition
• Solids Sampler
• Automated Drum Loading and Unloading System
• Polished Contact Surface
• CIP - Clean-In-Place Spray Nozzles
• ASME Code Stamp
• XP Electrics
• Vacuum System
• Solvent Recovery
• Hot Water or Hot Oil Temperature Control Systems
• Complete Controls




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