Double Arm Mixers

Double Arm Mixers are based on a combination of 100+ years of ABBE rugged reliability and the latest Aaron Process Double Arm Mixer designs. These mixers are used for mixing plastics, rubber, adhesives, mastics up to 10,000,000 centipoise and solids such as carbon paste, powdered metals and ceramics. Double Arm Mxiers can be jacketed and vacuum rated for drying. Mixer discharge is tilt or bottom dump valves. Our mixer/extruder models utilize an independent screw to discharge solids.

Materials: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Abrasion Resistant  Steel.

Sizes: 0.5 to 900 gallons

Design Options:
• Tilt Discharge
• Bottom Discharge
• Extruder Screw Discharge
• Heating or Cooling ackets
• Liquid Addition
• Vacuum / Dryer Designs
• ASME Code Stamp
• XP Electrics
• Purged Seals